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"Had It and Lost It" out now on Good Child Music

July 12, 2019

Big day: Good Child Music has just released “Had It and Lost It,” the first single from ‘Meridian,’ my first proper solo record.

“Solo” seems just the wrong word for it, though. Alessandra Roubini and I have been at this project for more than two years, and over twenty-five musicians have contributed. It’s been daunting to try and refine something so big—almost like refilling your snow globe in a blizzard. But that’s also been the fun of it. Thanks to my collaborators and trusted listeners for their passion, patience, and whimsy.

It feels fitting to start this off with a song about one thing being many things at once. “Had It and Lost It” features:

Michael Beckett-Fedarko | electronics

Eli Greenhoe | classical guitar

Alessandra Roubini | production, mixing

Zosha Warpeha | voice

Lawson White | percussion, mastering

Thanks especially to Katie Colford for the graceful cover art, Laura Hilliard for the perceptive video, and Lawson White—captain of the Good Child ship, stunning musician, staunch advocate. And of course to Alessandra Roubini, a dear friend and one of the most remarkable people I know. Gosh, I hope you all get to meet her.

More very soon!

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